Our Program

icoWomen’s Solidarity Foundation -KADAV is an independent women’s non-governmental organization that aims to contribute to the struggle for gender equality in two key areas; combating with gender based violence and supporting women’s labor and employment in Turkey. KADAV was founded in 1999 (officially in 2001) in İstanbul, with the aim of supporting women and children who were effected by Marmara Earthquake that happened in northwest of Turkey in August 1999. (reed more) Its name, strategy and key activity stream was inspired by the gender-based solidarity practice in the disaster zone. From a holistic point of view, KADAV carries on its major activities on the bases of both policy making and providing direct support to women groups at the same time. Within all implementation processes, KADAV prioritize paving the way to building solidarity groups.

KADAV has been focusing on the following issues for the last 5 years;

-Providing consultancy services for women against gender based violence and domestic violence. It also suppors the networking and advocating activities conducted by women’s movement in Turkey in the same issue.

– Gender mainstreaming activities in humanitarian action and migration management, especially in terms of GBV, encouraging development of self-help groups and providing combined income-generating and psychosocial support for Syrian refugees and other migrant communities.

-Gender mainstreaming in supporting imprisoned women and LGBTI individuals, in and out of the prison, advocating for their rights of residence and employment after their release.

-Supporting women labor and employment through advocacy and policy making activities by strengthening capacities of other women organizations through a network with that scope that consists of 32 women NGOs from all over Turkey. Please see keig.org