who we are

ico KADAV is one of the many women organizations in Turkey, who defines itself as a solidarity group. But the difference is, that KADAV was an actual act of soldarity and then became an organization. After the Marmara Earthquake in 1999, woman solidarized with the women and children in the region and later founded KADAV. Since then, some more some less, some for a shorter and some for a longer time, hundreds of women participated and contributed. Sometimes we swarmed over with their efforts and sometimes just a few women joined actively, but the agenda was never empty. Since the beginnig, all programs and projects, once started, kept going on. Today, as KADAV women, we are alltogether with a highly full agenda. We stand together without the need for any other connecting factors than our common feminist perspective at every kind of dominance and power and the belief in our organized struggle. Today, we are in a situation of increasing violence extended over time, circumstances, which required an urgent solidarity almost 17 years ago. Although, witnessing the changing effects of our solidarity gives us the strength for our ongoing struggle against the special conditions of the time, the region and especially the country, we are living in, as well as against estrangement and isolation. Since KADAV was founded, it joins the common struggle with violence against women, supports applying women, who are exposed to violence, and runs different activities in the field of women’s labour and employment. Aditionally, since some years, we also attempt to organize our solidarity with immigrant women and with imprisoned women and LGBTİ people, who all face multiple discrimination. With the hope to witness more change together and with sincere regards, the KADAV women March 2016 Click for information about our HISTORY