Solidarity with migrant women

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KADAV, which was born out of a practice of solidarity after a disaster with the focus of gender equality, considers being forced to individually or massively migrate due to poverty, war and/or gender based violence as “disaster as a result of human act”. Being a part of the struggle against gender based violence practically and politically for years, KADAV has been trying to build solidarity since 2011 (since before the war in Syria) in the struggle against gender based violence that all migrant women face regardless their origins or migrant status.

KADAV pursues lobbying activities for the visibility of the problems of migrant women who are open and vulnerable to all forms of violence not only because of their sexes, but also because of their migrant status; it gives consultancy services to those who apply for support; and gives on-site support in Küçükçekmece, one of the districts where Syrians are highly populated in İstanbul.

IMG-20151217-WA0002KADAV focuses its works in the field heavily on prioritizing co-ordination with other organizations on a local level, paving the way for self-organizations and solidarity groups, and supporting the already existing self-organizations, in the framework of the common values of international human rights law and gender equality.

Adopting the approach of interaction and solidarity among the societies rather than integration of the migrants into the country they migrated, KADAV gives priority to following works:

  • To pursue lobbying and advocacy activities for struggling gender based violence and discrimination against migrant women, children and LGBTI individuals living in Turkey, regardless their legal status,
  • To have an impact on the policies and activities of humanitarian aid and human rights organizations working in the field of migration in the context of gender equality and to materialize the works that will constitute a model,
  • To contribute in the process that the problems of the migrant women, children and LGBTI individuals are reflected in the advocacy activities in the networks and platforms that are built by independent women and LGBTI organizations in order to carry out a common struggle in other areas of life,
  • To carry out local and on-site activities that will pave the way for women to build their own solidarity groups through direct support works in the field with migrant groups.
  • To have an impact on the local equality action plans and social services of local administrations on the basis of the problems of migrant women, children and LGBTI individuals,
  • To monitor and report the implementations of Solidarity and Support for Migrants in terms of gender equality,
  • To provide consultancy support to the groups that are organized to carry out income generating activities.