"our struggle is to end all forms of domination, our way is solidarity"





Güncel Haberler ve Duyurular

In November 2016 a clause allowing child rapists to marry their victims was discussed and - thanks to efforts of Turkish Penal Code Clause 103, Women’s Platform and 130 independent women’s organisations - withdrawn, to be revised. The clause paves the way for child marriage and consensual sexual relations with minors. The whole proposal should be binned! The state cannot use law to “cover up” a crime this way!
WSF, started a petition on the occasion of World Humanitarian Summit
Women’s Solidarity Foundation, started a petition on the occasion of World Humanitarian Summit for the purpose of highlighting the situation of refugee women in Turkey in terms of gender based violence. Go to site for petition. http://www.kadav.org.tr/kampanya/
Preventing Gender Based Violence Against Migrants and İstanbul Convention
We meet to find out what kind of legal instruments the İstanbul Convention provides us and how we benefit these instruments to struggle against violence against that women, children and LGBT people migrants expose in Turkey.
Turkish LGBTI High School Students
22. Istanbul LGBT Pride Week beginning June 23 will end with a rich program in the pride parade on June 29th.